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Vascular Access Management (VAM) Solution Website


February 19, 2021

BD, Digital
About This Project


This site was designed to be the central hub for content associated with the category of vascular access management and the main communication channel for our BD Vascular Access Management solution offering. This will help enable our MDS strategy to grow the vascular access category and accelerate our transformation of digital and omnichannel marketing.

As the global leader, MDS recognizes the importance of sharing our vascular access knowledge and expertise with our customers and other healthcare providers everywhere.

This first phase includes an “Overview” page with detailed information about common vascular access-related complications, an interactive cost of complications calculator and links to BD resources available to targeted vascular access related audiences.  The “Partner with BD” page provides a detailed overview of our assessment and recommendations program, as well as links to our vascular access-related product detail pages, training and education and downloadable articles with clinical evidence that demonstrates the program impact. In phase two, we will add a resources library of educational content supporting the practice of vascular access management. It will also feature a news and events section, aimed at continually engaging our customers with recent news articles, clinical studies, events and FAQs on current vascular access topics.




Creative execution/tactics

  • Integrated Solution Page


Personal Role:

  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design/UX
  • Infographics
  • Digital Production



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  • Copywriter
  • Developer/Ingeniux/Digital Team
  • Project Manager/Account
  • Client “MDS”



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  • Existing and New Module Development