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Snowden-Pencer Campaign

BD, Digital, Print
About This Project


Snowden-Pencer™ Ergonomic Laparoscopic Instruments


As a surgeon, you spend thousands of hours executing precision work with your hands. They are your most important asset—but long surgeries and detailed procedures may take their toll. You may have tried different instruments, but often ergonomics are on the bottom of the list of their benefits. That’s why the Snowden-Pencer™ Ergonomic Ring Handle is designed to distribute pressure more evenly, which may help reduce the potential for intraoperative hand fatigue and temporary digital nerve compression.




Creative execution/tactics

  • Landing Page
  • Emails/Audience Type (Confirmed/UnConfirmed Users)
  • Downloadable Gated Content/PDF


Personal Role:

  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design/UX
  • Infographics
  • Digital Production



  • Art Director/Visual Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Developer/Ingeniux/Digital Team
  • Project Manager/Account
  • Client “BDI-BD Interventional Surgery”



  • Marketo
  • Existing and New Module Development