The latest conceptual solutions from Toy"R"Us, Prudential Financial, The Barbarian Group, Cheil USA and SBI. RazorFish.

Corporate Identity


1993 - 1999

Branding, Logos
About This Project

Expression of a brand, including its name, trademark, communications, and visual appearance. it reflects how the company wants the consumer to perceive the brand.


Various Brands:
Redeye Grill
Arcadia Pictures
Carnival of Venice
Link The College Magazine
MVP Basketball
Saturday Night Live 20th Anniversary
Dewar’s Magazine
Marvel “Riddler” “Batman” “Two-Face”
X-MEN Extreme
MasterCard Acts


Agency: The Sloan Group

Deliverables: Logo Sizes & Formates

Role: Conceptual Development, Art Direction, Visual Design, Illustration, Print Production