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BD – You mean the world. Thank you (CASE STUDY)


April 10, 2020

BD, Digital, Print, Style Guides, Video
About This Project



Omni-channel, multistep approach with PHASE 1 expressing appreciation and PHASE 2 showing support for the healthcare community. PHASE 1b shines recognition on BD associates, who have come together as ONE BD, answering the call to support the healthcare community and one another during this trying time.



The objective of this phase of the campaign is to simply thank the healthcare community for working tirelessly in the fight against COVID-19. The message is personal in nature, with a true, deepfelt sentiment of thanks.

  • Message: Appreciation
  • Target audience: U.S. healthcare community
  • Tone: Authentic, heartfelt and genuine
  • Voice: Compassionate and personal


Campaign Theme: You mean the world. Thank you.

BD has many defining characteristics, among which being human is paramount. Our brand is ingrained with the fundamentals to promote well-being, hope and a greater good for people everywhere.

The purpose of the COVID-19 thank you campaign is to express deep gratitude to the healthcare community for their tireless efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

There are so many individuals, beyond nurses and doctors, who are raising arms in our battle with this unwavering virus. We want them all to know that they are recognized for their efforts.


Step 01 – Creative Brief

Creating a COVID-19 Thank You campaign

• The goal of this initiative is to create an authentic, heartfelt and genuine thank you to the healthcare community fighting against COVID-19, by showing our appreciation and support for their efforts.
– Target all members of the HC community from frontline to supportive services
– Two phased approach showing our appreciation (Phase 1) and support (Phase 2)
– BDX campaign focused on the US Region to be leveraged across the organization
– This campaign will utilize an omni-channel communication strategy
– Time is of the essence to ensure relevance and impact – launch week of April 6th


Step 02 – Competitive Landscape

Competitive landscape of companies that have already been offering thank you messages.


Step 03 – Creative Concepts – Round One & Two

Various rounds of creative development and presentation to the U.S. Region Directors and BD Executives.


Step 04 – Final Creative Concepts


Finalization of creative for print and digital.


Step 05 – Communications Toolkit

This toolkit includes the assets you need to help spread BD gratitude across all business units so the healthcare community can hear that we truly appreciate all they are doing in the tireless battle against COVID-19.



Creative execution/tactics

  • Print – Ads, Banners
  • Digital –, Social media, Emails, Video Displays
  • Communication Toolkit/Styleguide


Personal Role:

  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Digital/Print Development



  • Art Director/Visual Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Project Manager/Account